Shift the spotlight.
Plan for your space and your people.


Which of these perspectives are you hearing from your people?

"People used to work in their offices and close the door.  Now they go home instead. Why do we think locking the door is more productive?"

"Behaviors don't match the space.  Do we continue to change the space or work to change the behaviors?"

"People see it as their space.  They cannot contemplate doing work anywhere else."


At FlexPaths, we hear them all the time. Every day, we help companies address collaboration, leadership and work styles.

The FlexPaths’ team demonstrated not only their expertise in this area but their ability to guide our thinking to result in appropriate solutions for our business strategy and culture.
— Eileen McDonnell, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Penn Mutual
My work with FlexPaths at Mercer helped us to position the company to truly promote and account for the value of flexibility. The depth of knowledge of each person we worked with at FlexPaths helped us create an approach that was specific to our needs and culture.
— Mary Ellen Connerty, Leader, Diversity & Inclusion, O’Melveny & Myers, LLP
Formerly Global Diversity & CSR Leader, Mercer
FlexPaths is able to work with organizations looking to create more agile workplaces and cultures. They have a terrific cadre of specialists able to help you narrow down the best solution for change management in your workplace. Whether it’s moving to open spaces or virtual teams or simply transforming the way you work, FlexPaths is the right choice in your planning.
— Nancy Di Dia, CEO & Founder Di Dia Diversity Consulting Group, LLC