Our Team

Since 2005, FlexPaths has worked with global, F1000 companies helping clients prepare their people for an optimal employee experience as they refresh their workstyles, work cultures and workplaces, with an eye toward heightened engagement, business improvement and risk mitigation. Our team consists of well-regarded, diverse experts in inclusion, workplace dynamics, space change, strategic planning, change management, communication, branding, policy development, generational diversity, women’s leadership, training and program deployment.  The team is flexible and ‘on the ready’ to provide virtual consulting, implement a project and/or participate in a full-scale initiative. 
We look forward to collaborating!


Alessi Cohen

Sharon Cohen Alessi is Creative Director and business owner of Alessi & Co, an award-winning graphic design firm based in New Jersey. For over 20 years she has provided strategy-infused design solutions to global organizations and partnered with leading industry consultants to provide creative and message-driven brand experiences that cultivate authentic connections between organizations and their stakeholders. Prior to founding Alessi &Co, Sharon held leadership roles as Creative Director for agencies such as Davis & Co and News America Marketing. Recent work includes creating an environmental graphics program for Eisai Inc.s’ Human Resources’ office space that brought their industry-leading employee benefit offerings to the walls, working with Eisai’s OD group to visualize the transformation of their outdated training facility, to helping a nationally recognized insurance company to communicate their newly formed strategic imperatives to their onsite, retail and remote employees through an integrated environmental graphics, print and digital brand campaign, to being a change agent partner in the rebranding of customer experiences for the global consulting firm BlessingWhite’s classroom and virtual training programs. Sharon has partnered with FlexPaths’ on several projects, including the design of their recent ‘Building the Bridge for Culture Change: A Mandate for 2020 insurance report and creating the brand and visual presentation for a new business model for a major insurer.

Sandy Haddad

Sandy Haddad is founder of C Change Partners, a Change Management Consulting practice, based in the Twin Cities. Sandy’s corporate experience includes 18 years in HR leadership roles at General Mills, where she developed Change Management capability and led culture strategy for the company’s workplace of the future. As a seasoned Change Management professional, Sandy is passionate about partnering with leaders to achieve organizational change through engagement and buy-in of their people. Sandy collaborates with companies of all sizes on Change Management, Facilitation, Training and HR Strategy initiatives. Her projects include: enterprise-wide Change Management strategy and roll-out plans to support a branding launch; alternative workplace strategy; executive team development; strategic planning facilitation; and customer input sessions for a Consumer Marketing team. Sandy's training in Change Management includes: Prosci, Kotter International (John Kotter), the Implementation Institute, Cornell University Advanced HR Studies, and a Masters in Management/Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Jeffrey G. Martin

Jeffrey G. Martin, based in Syracuse, NY has 20+ years of experience in workplace strategy, technology, design, move and change management. He is a workplace strategist and change manager. He has held leadership roles, responsible for strategic space forecasting, alternative workplace strategies, and design and move management at AOL, Inc., TIAA-CREF and currently Wells Fargo. He holds the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), has held leadership roles in the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA including treasurer and president, and served as treasurer and president of the Corporate Facilities Council of IFMA. Jeff’s passion is helping organizations and teams embrace a work culture that supports employee choice and flexibility in where, when and how work is conducted. Creating a culture that embraces trust, transparency and flexibility allows employees to work to the best of their abilities. Jeff’s goal is to assist organizations with understanding the importance of developing a work strategy that combines technology, mobility, HR practices and corporate real estate to support a new way of working.


Jodi Sansone “Give it to Jodi. She’ll untangle it for us and get it done.” Those words, from a client, sum up the contribution Jodi Sansone makes when she takes on a new project. Throughout her 30+ years of corporate experience in brand management and organizational development, Jodi is the person who takes on new initiatives that have no blueprint, need fresh analytical thinking, and require objective insights and recommendations. Her favorite questions? “Why?” “Why not?” Jodi spent the first part of her corporate career in brand management at companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Carter Wallace, and Altria Group, Inc. As a Director at Altria she was the internal start-up expert, conceiving and implementing new organizational efforts in corporate communications and marketing leadership development. As a consultant she assisted Revlon, Altria Group Inc., Omnicom, Marina Maher, KMG/IRONTGATE, and GMR Marketing in staffing and recruiting, organizational effectiveness analysis, training design and development, high performance team facilitation, e-learning development and implementation, and measurement strategies. Jodi holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and an M.B.A from New York University.

Judy D.jpg

Judy DiClemente

Work/life balance has always been a priority for Judy DiClemente, so after a dozen years in the fast-paced 24/7 world of investment banking, she successfully designed a job-share structure that enabled her to spend more time with her three young daughters. While continuing to work within the financial service industry, Judy became a staunch advocate for progressive work arrangements as a way of increasing employee engagement in the workplace. Following a mid-career break to look after her children full time, Judy “relaunched” her career, with the goal of leveraging her past financial services experience, as well as the perspectives gained outside of the workforce. Using her natural ability to connect with people across generations and to build consensus, Judy empowers leaders and colleagues, alike, to find their authentic voices in the workplace, and helps companies improve workplace culture. She has consulted with companies such as MetLife, New York Life, Church Pension Fund, and Zoetis on projects ranging from Managing Virtual Teams, Presenting for Impact, Women’s Leadership, and Effective Business Communications. Believing that developing trust among colleagues is the underlying “secret sauce” to any effective team, Judy brings a wealth of practical and professional insights to all of her client engagements.

Richard Hardin

Richard Hardin, CEO of Rick Hardin & Associates, based in Connecticut, has spent 35+ years in organizational change (transformation), leadership training and development and culture change. His prime focus is working with senior teams and senior leaders to make sustainable performance improvements in their organizations. His prior companies include IBM, Marsh & McLennan, Harley-Davidson, and Alix Partners. What drives my work is the opportunity to have a real impact on leaders and their organizations. I relish projects which present opportunities to work, face to face, engaging leaders in their practical challenges as they go about leading important change in their organizations. I have special energy when I can be part of creating a group of leaders as an action learning cadre, learning and working together to address issues.


After a successful 30 - year career as a strategic human resources executive with top Fortune 100 companies, Ruth Ross woke up one morning with a startling realization that she felt invisible at work and no longer had the passion for what she did. Instead of miring away in her role, losing her professional edge and not being the leader her team needed her to be, Ruth put a name to these feelings and admitted she was personally disengaged. Strongly believing that the need for reengagement, both at work and at home, had never been greater that it was now, she retired from her long-time role as an Executive Vice President of HR at Wells Fargo Bank to become an Engagement Evangelist. She works with companies and individuals to identify employee disengagement and create strategies for reengagement. Based on her own experience and the stories of hundreds of others like her, Ruth published her first book, “Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career” in 2014 and now travels around the country speaking to organizations about the return on investment of having a fully engaged workforce.


Jill Semegran’s clients describe her as a real “go-getter” who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to! She is a quick thinker with more than 20+ years of change management expertise. She combines her passion, precision and grit to successfully lead projects that provide “total change management solutions” addressing employees’ needs for strategic change communications, training design and development, meeting facilitation, leadership development, measurement, and project management. Before working with FlexPaths, Jill consulted for Fortune 100 companies where she designed, developed and implemented comprehensive and effective change programs resulting in positive business outcomes. Jill also consulted for the Change Management practices of Accenture where she worked exclusively on ERP solutions. Over her career, key clients included: Disney, Altria Group LLC, Omnicom, Penn Mutual, Thomson Reuters, Guardian, Montefiore, and GMR Marketing. Jill graduated from the Honors Program at Rutgers College, where she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications. Jill is a member of various professional and honor societies including Phi Beta Kappa. Most recently, Jill become a DDI certified meeting facilitator.

Tracy Gray Walker.jpg

Gray Walker

Tracey Gray Walker is a financial services commercial leader with over 25 years of experience. During her tenure, Tracey held several key roles within the industry. Most recently Tracey served as Chief Diversity Officer for one of the oldest life insurance companies in northern America. It is here, Tracey helped create a company-wide diversity and inclusion strategy focused on driving a culture of inclusion, and business alignment. Tracey also helped increase diverse hiring within a career sales organization. Tracey has leveraged her commitment to diversity and inclusion to help drive culture change and business growth. She understands the need to empower individuals to bring their whole self to the workplace, and believes that an inclusive culture can have a positive impact on a company’s ability to attract, develop and retain its employees. Tracey began her career in public accounting, where she quickly gained insights around difference, and the opportunities an inclusive culture could create.


Kathy Kacher is founder of Career/Life Alliance Services, based in Minneapolis, MN, is a workforce solutions specialist who has worked for over thirty years consulting with businesses on workforce transformation. Kathy is a faculty member at World at Work teaching Organizational Culture Change along with other key competencies organizations need to stay relevant in the fast-changing world of work. As a frequently requested, global speaker, Kathy shares her expertise in developing high functioning teams and organizations by optimizing their cultural business strategy. Kathy has a track record of partnering with senior teams and key talent to create competitive advantage through people. Particularly skilled in conducting organizational diagnostics; leading cultural integrations, branding & change initiatives; advising and coaching leaders; employee engagement & leadership development processes, and implementing innovation & growth strategies.

Tammy Palazzo

Tammy Palazzo is a work/life diversity subject matter expert and practitioner, where, during her two-decade career, she advised companies on matters related to diversity and inclusion, work/life practices and women's leadership. While at Working Mother Media, she led corporate initiatives including the noteworthy Working Mother 100 Best Companies. She oversaw the research and publications team at Diversity Best Practices and was the principal researcher for studies and white papers regarding workforce management. Clients included MetLife, New York Life, Penn Mutual, and Guardian, among others.

Celina Pagani-Tousignant

Celina Pagani-Tousignant is the president and founder of Normisur International, a management-consulting firm based in California specializing in corporate social responsibility, workforce development, work/life and leadership training. Celina has over 20 years of international corporate experience. Her services include: executive briefings for senior leaders and board members, manager and worker training, project management, strategy development, organizational change management, executive coaching, facilitation, curriculum design, and speaking engagements.in Employee Assistance Programs, Work/Life, Executive Coaching and CSR. Currently she is part of the faculty at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC); World at Work (WAW), and the Centrum for Corporate Citizenship Deutschland (CCCD) in Berlin, Germany. Celina holds an Integral Coaching Certification from New Ventures West and John F. Kennedy University.

Bonini Ellis

Cheryl Bonini Ellis is the author of Becoming Deliberate: Changing the Game of Leadership from the Inside Out. A former business executive-turned-entrepreneur, she helps business leaders perform at higher levels so that they can get better results, have a bigger impact and create a lasting legacy. She is a trusted advisor to business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. Passionate about personal development, Cheryl works directly with global thought leaders in business growth, leadership excellence, high performance and personal transformation. Her teachers and mentors include Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard and John Maxwell. She founded Ellis Business Enterprises LLC to help business owners and executives get better bottom-line results by developing leadership ability at all levels in their organizations. She created the Deliberate Leadership training series to guide leaders through the tough inside work of leadership. And, she hosts Leading with Impact and Intention, a leadership retreat for women, to encourage and enable women to embrace their personal power to make the world a better place. Her speaking, training and coaching cllients include AON Hewitt, BRAVO! Group Services, Celgene Pharmaceuticals, Delta Dental, Drew University, Fairleigh Dickinson, LPL Financial, M&T Bank, MedExpress, Morris County Chamber of Commerce, NJAPPA, NJ Bankers’ Association, Seton Hall University, Skidmore College, Women in Health Management.