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What is people success?

Workforce Change Management & Engagement

Client Challenge:
Senior leadership resistance

Educated senior leadership of regional bank on how mobile work enables organizations, cross industry, to improve performance and reduce costs. Conducted internal assessment, external assessment across financial institutions, produced and delivered summary report identifying participating company findings with comparison with company’s data and implications.

Transform local complex and conservative organizational culture

Partnered with Home Office of large global retailer to build a framework of inclusive work practices at one of their most conservative business units located in Mexico and five Central American countries. Acted as liaison between Home Office and the Human Resources (HR) project lead in CA and provided tactical support to help retailer create a more collaborative and flexible organization, and be more competitive in the labor market, especially among millennials. Acculturated all materials from Home office to the context in Mexico and CA, reviewed documents in Spanish provided by the HR lead from CA to ensure alignment with the framework developed by Home Office, and wrote a report in English and Spanish with recommendations. Designed/conducted a webinar in Spanish for close to 200 HR Advisors from Mexico and CA to inform and empower them on how to implement inclusive work styles and practices, their benefits and impact within companies.

Client Challenge:
Losing ground on talent

Addressed challenge faced by global consulting organization to attract and retain top talent and be on par with its professional service industry competitors. Organization realized criticality of enhancing its flexible working program as a core strategy. Provided culture change support in the form of knowledge transfer, stakeholder alignment, organizational readiness, and preparation of business case rationale for needed senior management buy-in and to provide context for rollout of flexible working to pilot group. Pilot consisted of providing access to a suite of flexible work tools and configured content designed to meet enterprise and division requirements.

Workplace Change & Enablement

Client Challenge:
No people readiness plan

Developed enterprise policies/guidelines, one-stop flex working hub and eligibility requirements to help company meet a 30% mobility rate target driven by a significant reduction in physical footprint. FlexPaths put together a plan of action. Work included establishing internal operating committees, creating necessary alignments, and launching change management efforts.

Client Challenge:
Lack of people preparedness

Responded to need by an S&P 500 global technology company to transition employees into agile work environments as a result of consolidating its headquarters. Work consisted of developing a comprehensive provisioning benchmark study as well as developing and delivering an agile work training curriculum to ensure employees and leaders evolve into this new work model. The provisioning work helped inform and confirm key decisions; the training was aligned with updated leader and employee competencies and communications to encourage initiative sustenance and cultural embracement.

Insurance Agency of the Future #insagency2020

Client Challenge:
Transitioning insurance agency to open space plan

Responded to need to transition a top performing traditional agency workspace into a more contemporary, open office concept. Ensure that the transition process was: properly communicated and staged; key support was put in place; cultural and tenured advisor considerations were addressed. As a result, a plan was put in place to help leaders and advisors prepare and navigate through the change.

Client Challenge:
Culture absent from planning

Responded to home office distribution desire to broaden strategic planning process to include work culture. Developed customized framework to facilitate discussions with field leadership to evaluate recruitment, onboarding and retention practices with focus on work culture, inclusion and work environment. Framework being used throughout the year to have more transparent discussions to pinpoint gaps and recommend needed support and resources.