The Office of the Future
How Investing in Renewed Office Space Benefits Customers and Advisors

By Fiona Cuddy
Associate Vice-President, Managing General Agency Partnerships, Canada Life

Our services enable your organization to successfully prepare, manage, and sustain change

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Workforce Change Management & Engagement

Which of these have you heard?

“Regardless of how well-designed a company’s approach is to different ways of working, if managers aren’t on board and don’t have skills to manage effectively, it won’t succeed.”
“Managers don’t have time or resources necessary to think about their team’s engagement.”
“While we  do engagement surveys and assessments, we find they are resonating less and less and we don’t get the benefit of real time feedback.”

At FlexPaths, we help companies address talent management priorities to appeal and engage today’s digital, diverse and dispersed workplace. 


Workplace Change & Enablement

Which of these have you heard?

"People used to work in their offices and close the door.  Now they go home instead. Why do we think locking the door is more productive?"
"Behaviors don't match the space.  Do we continue to change the space or work to change the behaviors?"
"People see it as their space.  They cannot contemplate doing work anywhere else."

At FlexPaths, we ensure companies don’t lead with space change; instead focus on required people practices and create a parallel path to address


Insurance Agency of the Future

Which of these have you heard?

“Agency leaders do not prioritize the importance of an inclusive work environment when considering the attraction and retention of female advisors.”
“Flexibility and work-life balance can only be achieved if there is infrastructure in place to support it.  If we want more teaming and partnering (to appeal to next gen talent), then we have to build with that in mind and have a more flexible infrastructure.”
“We need a clearly defined value proposition – if you earn this, here are the tangibles that you’ll get only with our organization. If you remove the bricks and mortar, then you have to redefine what is offered by your company vs. the competitors.”

At FlexPaths, we help create a business environment and culture that makes everyone feel part of the team.