We know insurance.

Prior to starting FlexPaths, Meryl Rosenthal had over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, working with top companies including AXA, Guardian and MetLife/New England Financial. At the onset, her team focused cross industry providing workplace solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.

Over the last five years, she has infused best practice approaches and solutions across her project teams that resonate with the insurance and financial services industry. Our insurance experience includes working with both home offices and sales agencies as they transform their space and upgrade their client and advisor experience. 

For the Insurance Agency

Are you the CEO of an insurance agency, branch or center? You have unique challenges related to culture and your workplace. You may want to revisit and refresh your client/advisor experience or give your workspace a lift, while keeping your top advisors engaged or create a more inclusive work environment with more balanced representation across gender, generation and background. Yet, you don’t have the internal resources, bandwidth or expertise to make this happen. 

We know your challenges and we can help!

We’ll roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to execute on point. We are both strategic and hands on. 

Learn more about how we’ve helped other independent insurance agencies. 

For the Home Office

Are you the head of real estate, human resources, sales or operations in the home office? Moving the titanic is a challenge and requires strategy, strong execution and a healthy dose of resolve and focus. You also need a practical partner with a “tell it like it is” approach that can provide a bridge between the home office and individual agency. We bring both.

Moreover, we frame the work, starting with a positive business case and objective discovery, to glean inputs and share back with you. So whether you’re wanting to execute a mobile strategy or improve your culture, you need a partner by your side who understands the inherent challenges in being the home office. And we can help!

Learn more here about how we’ve helped other home offices.


Whether you are a home office or agency leader, we offer services customized to you in three key areas:

  • Workplace Mobility and Flexibility

  • Workspace Change Management, Planning and Execution

  • Culture Change

Our Insurance Clients

We’ve worked with many insurance companies in North America, all with a distinct challenge and need. Here’s a partial listing:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, Michigan and North Carolina

  • Great West Life

  • The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

  • London Life/Great-Life Co, Inc.

  • Northwestern Mutual

  • Pan American Life Insurance Company

  • Penn Mutual

  • Securian

  • SunLife Financial

  • Thrivent Financial

What Our Insurance Clients Are Saying

flexpaths’ experience solidified a foundation.

“FlexPaths was a great partner in helping us shape and execute a comprehensive change management program with supporting content to guide the employees of our organization through the adoption of new ways of working. Their experience in navigating the change process and understanding the interdependencies of real estate, technology and HR to successfully implement workplace changes solidified a great foundation that we’ve continued to evolve as we further develop our internal workplace strategy program.” Manager, Workplace Strategy & Change Management, Fortune 1000 Insurance Co.

We lean on FlexPaths to keep our mobility program current.

“FlexPaths has been assisting us since its inception more than five years ago. FlexPaths has brought in expertise in the way of consulting, guidance, best practices, strategy, change management and communications. They also partnered with us to deliver change management and communications for our 2018 move to a new office in NJ. We continue to lean on FlexPaths to assist us to ensure that our mobility program is current, well maintained, and that our employees are engaged even when they work in a dispersed manner.” 2nd VP, Business Management Services, Fortune 1000 Insurance Co.

They bring deep expertise and help carry our load.

“Meryl and her team brought deep expertise, proven processes and wisdom throughout our work together. That meant we didn’t have to carry the load on leading a change and stumble our way through something we weren’t experts on. Because of their talent, we were able to accelerate adoption rates of a massive change to office space and the many impacts that it has on people. Nothing was rushed; however, we were able to get to the outcome faster because of Meryl and her team.” Former AVP of Distribution Operations Support, Fortune 1000 Insurance Co.