We are:
Workplace Strategists,
Change Agents,
Thought Leaders.

We align to your vision, help to build a strong mobile work force and culture, and bring best-in-class strategic plans, playbooks, tools and training.

We work with Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and organizations along with small businesses including insurance centers, agencies and branches. The commonality: a vision to prepare and transition into new workspaces and practices, and enhance their culture in the process.

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our services


Since our inception in 2005, we’ve been supporting how employees work and how companies support this work.


Full-Scale Engagements

  • Develop and deliver a customized workplace strategy.

  • Build stakeholder alignment and dedicated plans.

  • Create deliverables to include pilots, assessments, training, communication.


Short-Term Projects

  • Conduct discovery or focus groups to glean current state.

  • Evaluate work environments and cultural dynamics and follow with 90-day plans.

  • Create customized reports with findings, recommendations and best practices.


Quick Hits

  • Speak on latest workplace trends and change leadership.

  • Provide toolkits and tips to support your workplace flexibility programming.

  • Moderate workshops, trainings, or orientations on a variety of topics.

Co-Founder and CEO Meryl Rosenthal


About: transparent and insightful

Meryl Rosenthal is a highly respected workplace and change management strategist, consultant and thought leader. She co-founded FlexPaths to help business leaders successfully transition their people when culture, work space or work style changes are planned or underway. The firm helps leaders, teams and individuals embrace new ways of working to resonate with next gen talent and clients. She has brought these broader perspectives to the insurance industry where she spent 20 years working with home office and field leadership. Meryl is active in her Bergen County, NJ community where she resides with her husband and two teenage daughters.

My Team: well-respected, vetted

The FlexPaths’ team is at the center of every project. In her role, Meryl works directly with each member to bring the highest caliber of work, focus and execution. The FlexPaths’ team has worked with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, organizations and government entities


We’re here to support you.

“Meryl and her team brought deep expertise, proven processes and wisdom throughout our work together. That meant we didn’t have to carry the load on leading a change and stumble our way through something we weren’t experts on.” — Former AVP of Distribution Operations Support, Fortune 1000 Insurance Co



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