We are:
Workplace Strategists, Consultants &
Thought Leaders

When you work with an architect or space planner as part of a relocation or redesign initiative, you’re looking to get the most out of that move. Yet what are you doing to get the best out of your people?

That’s where FlexPaths comes in. We work with your real estate, HR and IT teams to prepare your people – senior leaders to individual contributors – for what’s coming and to get them through the transition and beyond. Perhaps most importantly, we ensure that your work styles, practices and etiquette best reflect how to leverage the new space and position your organization for success.

Whether you need support for a full-service project, to fill gaps or to reinvigorate current efforts, we are standing by.

Our Approach:

Discovery    Integration    Alignment    Plan Development    Plan Execution    Measure & Sustain


We gather data to understand your business drivers, rationale, culture, and desired future state. We then share our findings and recommendations, including how to articulate this discovery into a practical, compelling business case to cascade across your organization.


We take a strategic view. Whether the goal is to support a relocation, introduce flexible work options, or create a high-performing, teaming culture, we work to understand all efforts and programs in order to provide short- and long-term value-added.


We assemble the right functional leaders and sponsors within your organization. We work to get them onboarded, aligned and accountable for their role in the initiative. This includes their functional and change leadership responsibilities.

Plan Development

We partner with the project team to map out timing, roles and responsibilities for implementation. The result is a detailed execution plan that guides the process, infuses best practices, and mitigates risk.

Plan Execution

We lead, support or partner with your team to execute the plan across disciplines. We work with your Project Manager (or can assign one) to ensure that what is planned is well executed, on time and within budget.

Measure & Sustain

We provide the tools to sustain the changes you’ve worked hard to initiate. Change takes time, will and skill to get to the other side. We continue to partner with the project sponsor to keep momentum and continue the cascade so that you achieve the best ROI possible.

“Your workplace is only as productive as the people who work in it…”